Mission and Vision



Orange Magazine has been created by the European Youth Press (EYP) to provide journalistic education and to support young journalists by giving them room to explore media and current affairs. Young European journalists are immersed in a subject through visiting different countries and producing content that is straight forward and cuts to the heart of the pressing issues of the day. The focus has changed from providing a learning environment to ensuring the highest quality possible while still allowing young journalists the space to practice and develop their professional skills within an enabling and inspiring environment.

Orange is an English-language event-based online magazine that brings together an international team of young journalists to cover events. Orange magazine can appear in a printed form, distributed among the participants of the event that is covered, and/or online at www.orangemagazine.eu.

The production of an Orange edition enables young journalists to meet professional journalists they can learn from and understand better the challenges that lie ahead for the media in covering issues in a globalized world. At the same time, this collaboration gives the festivals access to a vibrant network of young media makers and multinational coverage in across Europe.

Orangemagazine.eu is the official multimedia platform of the European Youth Press. It provides an interactive multimedial platform for media coverage of international conferences.

The European Youth Press

The European Youth Press (EYP) aims to enable young people to give voice to their opinion on a European level and provide a critical view of media and politics through journalistic education as well as learning by doing.

The European Youth Press (EYP) is an umbrella organisation for young journalists in Europe. It involves more than 48,000 journalists who are less than 30 years of age. The association is comprised of 19 members states, of which 17 are national youth media associations and two are pan-European youth magazines.

The European Youth Press strives to offer young European journalists professional experience at international level, experience that will allow them to hone their skills and help them make a positive contribution to current and future media output. We believe having young journalists from across Europe cover International Festivals and Conferences is an invaluable experiences for young media makers.