Current members

Patricia Senge

EYP Executive Board and Project Coordinator

Patricia Senge holds a Master’s degree in European Foreign Policy from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in European Studies from Maastricht University. She is currently doing a fellowship with the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York and volunteers as a Young European Ambassador (YEA) of the EU’s Neighbourhood East program. She writes for online magazines, such as F1rstlife and has experience in radio and TV journalism through multiple internships in the field. She is passionate about writing on international affairs and EU politics.

Teona Goderdzishvili

Project Coordinator

Teona is a multimedia journalist, digital communications specialist, and media manager from Tbilisi, Georgia. With over three years of experience in teaching and mentoring graduate students and ethnic minority school pupils. Keen interest in human rights, democracy, and social media’s role in defending them.

She has been part of Orange Magazine since 2018. 

Michelle Benzing


Michelle is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in political science at Free University (FU) Berlin, with a focus on human rights and International Law. Currently she is working at the RSF Hub, a Research and Knowledge Transfer Hub for Rule of Law Promotion in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office. She is interested in foreign policy and diplomacy, which is why she was Head Delegate of the FU university delegation to the National Model United Nations Conference 2020 in New York. Furthermore, she interned at the German Embassy in Washington D.C. and at the Heinrich-Böll Foundation in Santiago de Chile. Besides her interest in foreign affairs, she has been part of several journalism projects and worked as a journalist at the German public-service television station called ZDF. As a videographer, she is grateful to be part of the international team of young journalists at Orange Magazine and is looking forward to gain new experiences, while attending and producing high quality content about different multimedia conferences.

Isabela Neague

Olga Bu


Graphic Designer

Isabela Neague is a 24 years old young woman, passionate about social work, social entrepreneurship and communication for the social good.  So far, Isabela has been involved in the youth work field as a Project Assistant, Young Trainer or Communication Specialist.

At the same time, Isabela has professional experience in other non-profit organizations, working for 3 years as a Project Manager, PR leader and Fundraiser in local and national programs designed for the integration of young graduates (primary, secondary and high school) on the labor market, through non-formal activities.

Olga is a freelance graphic designer from Moscow. Studied law but decided to create design. She enjoys working in the field of art, and has implemented several projects with theaters and museums. Olga loves to help in architectural projects of public spaces. She believes that she cannot change the world, but can make it look a little better.. 

And Olga still doesn’t know who she wants to be when she grows up