Saskia Reimann

Team Leader Orange Magazine

Even though Saskia was born in Germany, she has spent the majority of her summers in Gomel, Belarus, at her grandmother’s place.
She completed her undergraduate studies at the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne,
where she developed a particular interest in Soviet art and cinema. During her studies, she was actively involved in the student radio station Radio Campus Paris.
Through internships at the German broadcaster phoenix and the NGO Kindernothilfe, Saskia gained valuable experience in broadcast journalism and public relations.

After her first year in Denmark, she’s now finalising her Erasmus Mundus Journalism Joint Master’s Degree in Prague at Charles University. There, she’s working on her Master’s thesis on the topic of “Social drama, youth and politics in the cinema of the late 1980s in the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic”, in which she  compares and analyse films from the late 1980s.

Julia Fedlmeier

Team Leader Orange Magazine

Julia grew up on a small farm in Lower Bavaria, Germany. Although her internet connection has always been the worst, she decided to start her university journey in Communication Studies, which took her to great cities like Salzburg, Passau, Munich, and Quebec City. Gaining practical experience in journalism, PR, and marketing through internships at Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich and ZDF in London, Julia received a 6-month scholarship for young video journalists at Mediaschool Bayern and served as an Executive Board Member at European Youth Press from 2021-2023. She will complete her degree in Sports Journalism at the University of Salzburg in the summer of 2024.

In November 2023, Julia assumed the position of Team Leader at Orange Magazine. With a profound passion for (niche) sports, diversity, inclusion, music, and the environment, Julia hopes to bring a unique perspective to Orange Magazine.

Veronika Tubele

Social Media Coordinator Orange Magazine

Since childhood, I have been that very active child who explored all possible types of sports, from fencing to horseback riding. Sport has always been my best friend, so for the past 12 years, I have been actively practicing capoeira that is a Brazilian martial art, while also pursuing a career in coaching and leading training sessions for both children and adults. My passion lies in participating in Erasmus+ projects with teenagers and even in crafting project proposals. Each time, I return with a wealth of vivid emotions and international friends. I have always been interested in business development and social networks. Alongside friends during my school years, I launched my own business focusing on board games and eco-friendly cosmetics, where I actively worked on product creation and strategic promotion. Currently, I am studying economics and finance at the Stockholm School of Economics, while concurrently working in the marketing department of a consulting company. For a long time, I have been directly involved in youth initiatives and a youth organization magazine called Young Folks, where I organized off-site camps, seminars, as well as lectures on public speaking.

Renate Karlsmoen

Liaison Officer for Orange Magazine x European Youth Press

Renate spent her childhood in the snowy mountains of Trysil, a tiny town in eastern Norway. When she was not spending time outside, she enjoyed reading books and creating stories of her own. At the age of 17, Renate won the Norwegian championship in English Creative Writing and was given the opportunity to spend the summer doing language studies at the prestigious campus of Oxford. The following year she was granted a scholarship to further develop her writing.Her love of languages led her to pursue a career in journalism and media science. Renate finished her bachelor’s degree in journalism at the Oslo Metropolitan University in the spring of 2023. For the last two years, she has been working as a journalist for Dagbladet, one of Norway’s biggest newspapers. Earlier, she also served as the student representative of The Norwegian Union of Journalists and she is now an Executive Board member of the European Youth Press.

Orange Magazine Core Team

Orange Magazine’s Core Team currently consists of 24 young media makers.
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