Current members

Saskia Reimann

Team Leader Orange Magazine

Even though Saskia was born in Germany, she has spent the majority of her summers in Gomel, Belarus, at her grandmother’s place. 
Her passion for art led Saskia to study the History of Art and Archaeology at University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Here, she developed a keen interest in Soviet Art and Cinema. During her undergraduate years, she was an active member of the student radio station Radio Campus Paris.

Saskia also gained valuable experience in broadcast journalism through an internship at the German political and documentary broadcaster phoenix. At the same time, she has gained professional experience in PR from her involvement with a German NGO.
Currently, she’s pursuing her Erasmus Mundus Journalism Joint Master’s Degree, having completed the first year of her studies in Aarhus, Denmark. She will conclude her degree at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, with a focus on media in post-Soviet states and foreign correspondence.

Catherine Wray

Team Leader Orange Magazine

Catherine Wray is an undergraduate student pursuing a joint honours degree in modern languages at Trinity College Cambridge. Her strong interest in foreign affairs prompted her to found the Cambridge Diplomatic Society and join the Education Department at Current Events for Teens, a global platform which aims to make foreign policy more accessible to the next generation. In spring 2023 she completed an internship at Europe in Review with a German organisation based in Thailand, helping her to gain experience writing about current events and providing foreign policy briefings to experts on a global level. Her strong language skills – she is fluent in four and studies another four at advanced university-level – help her to communicate with people around the world, including setting up her own charity Sisters Without Borders which provides resources and support to girls around the world who find themselves out of school. Following a successful application in spring 2023, she joined Orange Magazine as Team Leader along with Saskia Reimann


Sophia Skenderis

Core Member

Sophia is an undergraduate student at the University of Warwick, where she studies economics. During her first year, she was involved in organising one of the biggest student-led international forums, the Warwick Economics Summit. 

With her strong interest in developmental economics, she is focused on bringing more awareness to the socioeconomic challenges of women across the world. 

Having gained experience on the university news radio show, she decided to begin and host her own show discussing current affairs and policy decisions which are impacting women across different international and cultural contexts, a topic often underrepresented by the media. Sophia aspires to give a voice to women in the face of oppression and to be an advocate for a future where the fundamental human rights of women are upheld.