By Marina Savchenko

Interview with Sabine Sasse, the project manager of M100 Sanssouci Colloquium  and M100 Young European Journalism workshop.

Empowering young aspiring journalists is essential for a free press, not only in democratic countries but also in those former autocratic countries where freedom of information has played a minor role.

The M100 Young European Journalism workshop (M100YEJ) has been initiated in 2005 to promote the afore-mentioned values as well as ethical standards in journalism.

Longtime supporter is the organisation European Youth Press. The successful collaboration between European Youth Press and The M100 Young European Journalists is now in its 10th year and is building the base for quality journalism and sparking conversations about the modern journalism among young media professionals. Both organisations share the same values of educating young journalists about media ethics, work environment and modern challenges journalists face within the profession.

The EYP is a network of youth media organisations in Europe. With 27 member organisations and several Committees, the EYP reaches more than 60,000 young journalists across Europe, forming a solid volunteer and professional infrastructure. It is a democratic, non-profit institution, founded and controlled by young media makers, all between 20 and 30 years of age.

Orangelog, the former platform of the European Youth Press, was initiated as a project emerging from the M100 YEJ workshop and laid the foundation to the Orange Magazine, the English-language event-based online magazine of EYP that brings together an international team of young journalists from Europe and beyond


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