By Marina Savchenko
How to start the media project and to develop it? Galina Timchenko, an executive director of the online magazine “Meduza”, shared her experience with M100YEJ participants and explained the backstage of Meduza, one of the most successful media projects.
Here are interesting rules and tricks for young media startup founders:

  • Best friends are the worst employees!
  • The main question is – What is for? Long answers will be your Mission and short – Mantra.
  • Your weapon is activity and communication skills.
  • Learn more about past and present media trends.
  • Reduce your expectations.
  • Structure is more important than beauty.
  • Big office is better than small one. Small office is better than no office.
  • Better do something than nothing.
  • Never start before the weekend.
  • Add some drama to your story and you will get attention.
  • You have to think about distribution, it is vital for any media.
  • There are two main persons in a media company: a media analyst and an accountant.

About Galina Timchenko:  Russian journalist, who has worked for Russia’s leading newspaper, Kommersant, and Russia’s top news and reporting website For political reasons, she was removed from her position by Lenta’s owner in 2014. Galina Timchenko subsequently established the online Russian-language media, Meduza, which provides an alternative to information from state-controlled outlets and Internet bots employed by the Kremlin. Galina Timchenko was awarded with The Fritt Ord Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung Press Prize in 2014.


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