Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2016

Open Government Partnership Summit 2016

Leaders of the free world will gather to Paris, France, to define the Open Government Partnership priorities for the next year. Joining the Global Summit, three Orange Magazine journalists will bring you the stories of new good practices, success cases and other ideas that will hopefully result in positive transformative impact on citizen’s lives.

The OGP Summit will present more than 300 panels, workshops, pitches etc on transparency and anti-corruption, climate action and sustainable development, digital commons and civic tech, access to information, open parliament, open government at the subnational level, francophonie, implementation of open government etc. Paris will be transformed to a market place of good ideas. However, this is also the time to ask critical questions: are our current efforts enough? What will the digital future look like? Why can’t we guarantee transparency in all cases? Why is there still corruption?

Stay tuned!

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