European Youth Media Days 2013

Orange Magazine – EYMD 2013 is published

orange magazine cover 2013 EYMD

Orange Magazine 2/2013 – EYMD edition has been published. A 36-paged magazine is available through Issuu digital publishing site and a direct PDF download. Read the magazine via Issuu or as a PDF file.


The issue of Orange Magazine looks at challenges and opportunities when entering the EU’s labour market. Which things go wrong in the Union? What problems do job seekers have to encounter? And the other side of the coin: Which opportunities for job seekers are already out there? Which potential do the job seekers provide for the EU?

Orange Magazine has been created by the European Youth Press (EYP) to provide journalistic education and to support young journalists by giving them room to explore media and current affairs. Young European journalists are immersed in a subject through visiting different countries and producing content that is straight forward and cuts to the heart of the pressing issues of the day.


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