by Andro Anic, Anna Romandash, and Patricia Senge

Photo by Gabriel d’Alincourt

Few decades ago, Germany has experienced major transformations when the wall fell, and Eastern and Western Germans reunited. The experience has played a huge role in the way Germans respond to migrant crisis now, says Petra Kopping, a Saxon Minister for Equal Opportunities and Integration. At FES Integration Congress, Kopping speaks of ways Germany is responding to the refugees’ arrival, and the regional differences in tackling the issue.

According to Kopping, integration is on the rise in Germany. The country is one of the few states that prioritizes integration through different activities led by organized citizenship and supported by the government. There are many cosmopolitan cities in the country, that enjoy international environment and the spirit of acceptance. The biggest problem, however, is rising populism, especially in the Eastern Germany, where populist claims impact the citizens.


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