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The WAR OR PEACE Festival was covered by five young journalists of Orange Magazine. Below, they would like to quickly introduce themselves:

I am Francesco Lanzone. Born in Genova (Italy) in 1995, I received my bachelor’s degree in European studies at Maastricht University last summer. I’m currently studying Public Policy at SciencesPo in Paris. During my studies I collaborated with the Maastricht-based journal The Crocodile by covering the Refugee Crisis in Calais, the independentist movement in Catalonia and by writing a series on technology and society. I’m very much interested in photography and filmmaking, and when I have access to the sea I try to surf as much as possible.

I am Caroline Paul Kanjookaran, currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Sustainability in Germany. As a freelance journalist, I have more than five years’ experience writing about sustainability, environmental issues, clean energy, education, public policy, health, lifestyle and youth issues. I am the Project Co-ordinator of Orange Magazine (European Youth Press’ event-based online magazine) and recently provided editorial coverage for Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum 2018, focusing on ‘Global Inequalities’. I can handle both traditional and new media and am also interested in photo journalism.

My name is Teona Goderdzishvili and I am Georgian journalist from Tbilisi. After having finished my MA in Media Industries in VMU (Lithuania), I joined Chai Khana media platform team as a social media manager and a freelancer author. In my journalistic work I have a special interest in international relations, conflicts, education, filmmaking. In doing so, I like to share and document individual, human stories rather than mainstream narratives. In my spare time I love to hike or to travel.

I am Dominik Rehbaum. Currently based in Berlin, I am a 23-years young journalist from Göttingen who works for the European Youth Press and the Spectrum Magazine. After having obtained my bachelor’s degree in European Studies at Maastricht University this summer, I am taking a gap year before continuing with my master programme. I am very much interested in all kinds of political and societal issues, especially international relations and conflict management. To get my mind off political issues I like to do sports and to play music.

My name is Daniela Ešnerová and I am a Czech journalist. After having completed the Erasmus Mundus programme in journalism I moved to the UK. I am currently living in London, where I work as a financial journalist. I enjoy exploring or solely existing, depending on the mood.


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