by Anna Romandash

Europe is vibrant and diverse, just like this magazine is. The team that has brought you the new edition of Orange Magazine consists of young media makers from across Europe. Their backgrounds have helped us to deliver a unique content and show integration through a pan-European perspective. This part of the world experiences major changes, and it is important to get the input from different countries and different actors. We hope that hearing them out helps developing a better, more open, and more accepting society. This edition showcases the values Orange stands for and aims to spread them through quality journalism.

For the FES Integration Congress 2017, Orange has brought together a group of young journalists from Germany, Ireland, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Sweden. Their countries have different experiences with refugees and migrants, and they developed different approaches and solutions to the current issues. We aimed to show the relevant challenges before different European countries, strategies and solutions, and values that make a united Europe.

Orange Magazine unites young journalists from across Europe. We cover various international events and enable aspiring media makers with journalistic trainings and practice. Orange focuses on the ideas of media literacy, freedom of expression, and professionalism, and helps young journalists to improve their skills and abilities. Orange does workshops and events for journalists and is a part of European Youth Press network that unites more than 60,000 media makers from across the region. Visit our website to learn more.


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