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Women in Spotlight

Dreaming of becoming a one-stop platform for women at every stage of life, Female Daily Network strengthens its value as a powerful community for smart Indonesian women.

“Women have various roles in life, take the two most life-changing roles: as a wife and as a mom. Life transforms a girl into a woman, then a woman into a wife and a mom. During those times, women may need a community to share the same experience. Indonesian women now are the ones who seek for the information and prepare themselves for these experiences. That makes Female Daily Network just right for them,” Hanifa Ambaddar, CEO of Female Daily Network (FDN), opines on the significance of the community to a woman’s life. Being a brainchild of a woman, a wife and a mom, Female Daily Network has been expanding rapidly with its competence in nursing women.

Hanifa started FDN as a fashion blog back in 2005. The blog gained popularity and inspired Hanifa to incorporate FDN with Affi Assegaf in April 2010. Other than the website, FDN also commenced a forum where women gather in the community. In less than three years, FDN’s community has already reached 65,000 members, placing it as the largest women online community in Indonesia.

According to Hanifa, FDN operates in the way a magazine operates. There are reporters, editors and even proof-readers. “Our approach is more into citizen journalism. FDN’s members can also contribute articles. Although we are opinionated, we try our best to be responsible and accountable. Every article on the web has gone through two screenings, from editors and from proof-readers. This is proved effective to maintain both our clients and members,” Hanifa explains.

Working on a Vision

From only one section talking about fashion and beauty, the website has grown to 4 other sections discussing topics from parenting to traveling. Life transformation inspires Hanifa to expand FDN to a wider scope. This aligns with FDN’s vision to become a platform assisting women in every stage of life, considering its members’ demographic who are in working and parenting age. “These women are Internet-savvy and opinionated. Around 70% of them are professionals and more than 50% are married. We want to be a place where they consult the idea of work-family balance,” Hanifa adds.

To support FDN’s influence, there are values brought in the specific sections. Take Mommies Daily as an example. The section promotes breastfeeding and holds events to campaign the idea of breastfeeding as the best source of nutrition for infants. “So, we do not talk about infant formula in Mommies Daily. We are consistent in delivering our values,”Hanifa emphasizes.

FDN does both online and offline activities to strengthen its impact. The community centre is built in FDN headquarter for holding seminars, talk shows and even yoga classes. These events are managed by FDN, considering the community members’ current needs and popular topics on the forum.

FDN is aware of social issues developing around them. “We have a social program called Moove It. Every year we distribute thousands boxes of milk to street children through a non-profit organization, such as Indonesian Street Children Organization. Giving milk is the way to ensure the effectiveness our contribution to society. Our community members are very supportive as well to the program” Hanifa elaborates.

The Brands’ Favourite

With 7 million page views per month, 65,000 members and 3,000 new members per month, FDN is seen as a right place for brands implementing their marketing strategy. “Up to now, there are 150 cooperating with FDN. Brands are aware that data and insights from customers are very important for shaping effective marketing strategy. Our members are smart customers, influencers, and decision makers as well. We are a niche yet powerful community. Brands’ engagement becomes more powerful by knowing their customers through us,” Affi Assegaf, Business Director of FDN, explains.

But that doesn’t come easy. FDN has maintained members’ loyalty by providing meaningful and relevant information on daily basis. FDN also persists in picking with whom it cooperates. “Community is more courageous in giving comments and complaining on unsatisfactory products. That is why we are mindful of the brands cooperating with us. We strive to uphold our values. No tobacco, no alcohol product, no infant formula,” Affi adds.

The Next Ladder

The efforts are fruitful. Besides growth in revenues and number of members, FDN is a community its members love. “Our community members have strong sense of belonging. This is something we are very thankful of,” Novita Imelda, Operational Director of FDN contends. This is also the basis for FDN to move forward. Their existing market forum is now collaborating with Clozzete.co from Singapore. This collaboration creates clozzetedaily.com, the newest section of FDN.

“Our eyes are on the vision. Our Internet-based business is growing,” Hanifa says optimistically. This is indeed feasible. According to World Bank, in 2011 there are 18 internet users out of 100 people in Indonesia. It comprises 127% three-year growth from 2008 to 2011. Studies also found that about 43% of Indonesia’s internet users are women. As the world’s 4th biggest population, it definitely proves that there’s a huge market here in Indonesia. FDN has its advantage for being an intermediary between brands and customers.

Learning from FDN’s experience, media needs to convey appropriate messages in order to effectively engage with the community. “Our community is very powerful and impactful, especially for women. What I see from Indonesian women now is their bold influence in family and society. Media should support this. We are now on it. FDN is just the right platform,” Hanifa closes.

By Nadya Priscilya Hutajulu (Indonesia)
Photo by Nadya Priscilya Hutajulu


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