Dec. 2019 - Youth Global Forum 2019

All roads lead to Amsterdam: The Youth Global Forum 2019 kicks off

Annually, the Youth Global Forum brings the brightest young minds from different cultural, religious and political context together to discuss vital global issues. Today, the  fifth anniversary of the forum started with a welcome reception, attended by 142 young change makers from 42 different countries. This year’s edition is held under the guiding theme of “At the Crossroads: Industry 5.0 vs Inclusive Development: Where is the future?”

Mohammad Shaheed Khan, Advisor to Youth Time, welcoming change makers from 42 different countries to Amsterdam

The battle between humankind and machines goes back centuries. Are they shredding our jobs, or just easing workload? New digital technologies are expected to take away many jobs, but they promise to create new ones. However, in order to grasp these new opportunities, everyone must continuously learn new skills. Over the course of the Youth Global Forum participants will discuss these profound issues in addition to honing their leadership skills with the help of a broad range of distinguished experts.

Amsterdam is not a random choice for the Youth Global Forum’s 5th anniversary. According to the Innovation Scoreboard 2019, The Netherlands is one of the innovation leaders of Europe. The Forum will provide participants with a great opportunity to foster discussions and unity on the changing landscape of youth participation and youth entrepreneurship.

by Alena Tsimashchuk




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