In 2017, the Orange Magazine team gathers a group of multitalents:

Anna Valmero

I’m Anna and I am one of the project coordinators for this project. I am happy to be working as editor with a dedicated team of young media makers. Since joining the team as a project participant in 2014, I have managed projects with our key international partners such as the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, ASEF’s 2016 ASEM meeting and World Democracy Forum. I have over seven years of wok in editorial and multimedia production.

Triin Ilves

My name is Triin and I’m one of the project coordinators of Orange Magazine. I joined the team in late 2014 and since then I’ve held many positions – from editor to project manager. I have a Journalism and Communication BA degree from University of Tartu and I’m currently working in ISCA (International Sport and Culture Association) under communications team. Since joining the Orange team, I’ve attended and covered many international events and conferences. I’ve been a co-manager of the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum coverage and in 2016 I was the print team facilitator at the European Youth Media Days.

Irene Dominioni
Social Media Manager

My name is Irene and I am a freelance journalist from Italy, contributing to a number of Italian as well as international outlets about numerous topics, ranging from youth and work to innovation and business, travel and cultural topics, as well as European matters. I have a background in Communications and a double Master’s Erasmus Mundus degree in journalism. I joined Orange Magazine in October 2015 and since then have covered several events taking place all around Europe on the themes of youth and media, as well as managed social media channels for the platform.

Gabriel d’Alincourt
Designer and Photographer

My first choice for college was to study film making, since I’ve always loved the visual language and to watch documentaries, specially the ones in which the main subject was the human being, mankind and its many different cultures. I ended up graduating at business management, specializing in web marketing and analytics. Despite my corporate career, I’ve never ceased to be in contact with the arts, exploring painting, drawing, music and photography.

I’ve moved to Berlin in 2017, but people, wherever they are, have always been an interest of mine in the process of image making. In the last years, I have started my own photography projects, taking street photographs of my city; documenting the neighborhood I grew up in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil’s political protests. Finally, in the year of 2015, I’ve decided to pursue a full time career in photography, specially documentary, photojournalism and portraits. To register people on pictures. That’s my thing.

Dobriyana Tropankeva
Video and Multimedia Producer

I joined the European Youth Press as an Orange magazine journalist in 2010 and quickly became the editor-in-chief of the media. During my work for the European Youth Press, I’ve organised more than 40 international events. I’ve been an advisory board member since 2014. Now, I’ve more than 12 years of experience in the field of media, communications and events management across 20 EU countries.

I started my career as a journalist at the age of 19 and worked in a number of national and international magazines, radio and TV channels. I hold a double master’s degree in business and finance journalism from City University London, UK and Aarhus University, Denmark and I’ve specialised in management consulting, innovation and corporate growth at DTU Executive Business School.


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