European Journalism Institute 2019

Diversifying content strategy, Metrics and Performance Evaluation


Franak Viacorka 

Media Expert, Journalist from Belarus 


Franak Viacorka presented two blocks during his lecture:

1) Digital Marketing and content distribution

2) Metrics and performance evaluation


He offered the participants a look at the media content from the angle of managers and marketers. He has discussed the following topics:

  • How to organize efficient teamwork within your digital media team
  • Development and automation of workflows
  • Building content and marketing strategies, how to measure success, KPIs
  • How to engage the audience, community building
  • Specific for different social media platforms, tips, and tricks


‘’We’re in a Golden Age of Media, but we’re also in a crisis of relevance. ’’

Mr Viacorka has identified six elements of success of the content strategy:

  • Clear Strategy

Before entering a certain market, we have to identify if we want to enter the Red Ocean or the Blue Ocean. In the case of the Red Ocean, we can enter the market that already exists, we can invest in something that we know will work. If we have a lot of money, we should preferably go to the Red Ocean. In the case of the Blue Ocean, we create a new space, a new zone that has not been explored before. If we do not have much money, we are recommended to go to the Blue Ocean.

  • Trust

Trust is built on the quality of the content and on the reputation.

  • Participation

We need to not only inform, but also build a community of people who are following us, who are participating in that dialogue.

  • Personalization

We are shifting from mass media to personalized media. The creation of niche content that serves niche communities. Instead of one large and powerful channels it is preferred to use small and numerous channels.

  • Consistency

Content publication is just a beginning. We need to keep the consistency of our content during the whole media cycle.

  • Call to Action

We need to create a content that triggers us to vote, comment, share, buy, sign up or change opinion.


By Viktorya Muradyan


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