We wanted to hear from the Ambassadors of Youth Time. Tafaol Alageb (Sudan) and Hayet Bourki (Algeria) are two of this year’s Ambassadors. They are both students and are really engaged in social impact driven projects. They were selected to be the Ambassadors, face of Youth Time from a very competitive pool of highly competent applicants, but what made their application stand out? Why have they been chosen to be the representatives of Youth Time in their home country serving the position of ambassadors for a years and organising events promoting the cause and values of Youth Time in their home universities?

To be chosen as an ambassador involves being fully funded to participate in events that Youth Time hosts all around the world and also being given the freedom to organise events in your home country promoting the events that are taking place. Most of the ambassadors have been able to participate in the events that took place in Dubai 2017, or in Shanghai for the 2018 summer school .

Watch the interview and get an idea of what it feels like to be part of Youth Time. One of the Ambassadors even describes it as  a family that learns and grows together.

If you are interested in the role as an ambassador for Youth Time Global Forum 2019, if these questions apply to you:

–        Are you interested in social projects?

–        Have you been involved in social activities, volunteering, community service or have organised any event related to social impact?

–        Have already taken part in one of the events hosted by Youth Time?

–        Full of energy and passion?

Then this is for you.


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