YouthMundus Festival 2019

Editorial: European Young Journalists Award

Enlargement, presidency, mobility – hot topics were in the air in sultry Ljubljana. Almost thirty national winners of the European Young Jour­nalists Award, mentors, jurors and our team of ten from European Youth Press (EYP) that was making this magazine for you during the various panel discussions and workshops. And please keep in mind that making a magazine for journalists in one day is not an easy task.

Thank you for your input in our texts and you are more than welcome to help us at composing the next Orange magazine!

I will keep my fingers crossed that all of you return home with not only nice memories from your Belgrade-Zagreb-Ljubljana trip, but also with an awareness of EYP’s existence and the opportunities we are trying to offer you.

And once again: congratulations with your win­ning texts and let’s keep in touch!

By: Anna Sulewska (Editor-in-chief)

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