YouthMundus Festival 2019

Orange at the European Citizen’s Forum

Orange will attend the European Citizens’ Forum in Wroclaw in Poland. The title is promising a lot: “Towards a Europe of Solidarity – Youth, Intergenerational Solidarity and Tomorrow’s Europe”. This is claiming everything and concretizes nothing.  During the next days we hope to step behind this title.

What will Europe be like in 2050? Will there be an unbalance between young and old people? Will life be in the cities or in the countryside? Which impact has globalization and migration an tomorrow’s Europe? Will there be a gap between rich and poor? How can we – the young Europe – prepare for the society of tomorrow now?

We are full of questions concerning tomorrow’s Europe and the european solidarity. In the focus of our interest is the role of the youth. We will ask the participants and the organizers of the conference for their opinions. During the next two days you get more information in this website. You are more than welcome to follow the articles and to comment on words, pictures, impressions and ideas.

By Anna-Lena Alfter

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