Call for team members for EYP's Orange magazine

New members joined us

Four new members have been selected to be part of the Orange adventure:

Camille Dupont, the new project manager


My name is Camille Dupont and I am a master student in the Strasbourg Institute for Political Science. I study Economics, Management, Communication and Law on top of History and Social Sciences. Since 2010, I experienced working for different institutions such as Sciences Po Strasbourg, University of Birmingham Model Arab League, London and Oxford International Models United Nations.
I really enjoy working in an international context, travelling and also being involved in innovative projects.
Taking part in Orange Magazine is a wonderful way to fulfil all these interests!


Soraia Romas, the content editor


Since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a journalist. I have been working all my life to become a better and stronger professional. My professional experience without borders, national and international professional courses, and all knowledge earned, had proven me that we can conduct our society turning the world in a better place.

I graduated in Journalism from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). I have nine years of experience in newspaper, radio and television broadcast, both academic and professional Institutions. Nowadays, I am working as a freelance journalist and as a freelance Media/Journalism/Communication international trainer. The European politics and international issues are my favorite topics.


Marine Leduc, the other content editor


My name is Marine and I am from Nantes, France. Armed with my diploma in European Journalism, I spent few months in a radio in Montreal and six months between Nantes and Palestine as a volunteer for youth organizations. In 2012, I was also an intern for the European magazine where I knew more about European press and media. I am now writing from Bucharest, Romania, where I am doing a European Voluntary Service in the arts and multimedia fields.


Tomas Lacika, designer


I graduated in June, 2013 from Brno University of Technology in Czech Republic where I studied Information Management and during last years gained significant knowledge of different cultures through extensive travel and meeting people. Currently I am living in Bratislava, Slovakia, where I have a corporate job.

I am enthusiastic in sharing the knowledge and, of course, gaining it as well. Most of all I enjoy photography and in 2011 I had a chance to lead a photography workshop in Spain. During years 2007 – 2011, I participated in several music events in Slovakia as an official photographer and journalist. I contributed to major Slovakian internet magazines. As a graphic designer I enjoy creating modern layouts for websites, posters or logos.


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