World Perspectives: Minority Voices Study - Session for young media makers, Budapest, 22-28 April

The Hungarian Roma Women: A Multimedia ‘Prez’entaion

by Dmitrii Romanovski (Moldova), Una Cilic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Luisa Dos Santos (Brazyl)

Criminals, seductive women, beggars. These are a few examples of stereotypes about Roma people, the largest minority in Hungary, that are frequently reinforced by society and media. Reports show that Hungarian Roma are discriminated against in education, housing, employment and access to health care and prejudice is a great barrier for them to secure their rights. But some Roma women, who are in a particularly vulnerable situation, think that they can’t wait for the government to act on their behalf. Check out the Prezi for a multimedia story on Roma Women.

[prezi id=”hxor66to6f_n”]


Amnesty International report “Human Rights Here, Roman Rights Now”

Council of Europe: Changing negative perceptions – Roma women and media

Council of Europe: Human rights of Roma and Travellers in Europe

Declaration of Romani Women Networks – “I am a Roma Woman” Conference, Athens

Minority Rights: Hungary overview

Romedia Foundation



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