#35 Fourth meeting of the AER Youth Regional Network

Vox pops from Croatia

If you had the chance to do something for your region, what would you do?


Abdulhalim Aksu, Turkey (Istanbul)
I would increase youth participation not only in youth councils but in the whole political process. I’d put more youngsters in the parliament, in the city halls and in other important political institutions.


Danijela Vinković, Croatia (Brodsko-Posavska)
I would like to motivate young people to invest more in their own education so they could have a chance at a better future. I believe that learning languages and other skills pays off in the long run and I’d like to see young people from my region doing well in life.


Bart Lever, Netherlands (Gelderland)
Organ donation is a topic that’s very close to my heart because a lot of people are dying without need. People are just too lazy or too scared to really think about it. So, if I could, I’d force citizens to make a decision about being organ donors.

What obstacles have you encountered whilst trying to make youth life better in your area?


Maria Martinsson, Sweden
Financing is the biggest problem, there is always a lack of money, we have good contacts but there is no money for young people


Henrik Simonsen, Norway
We’re one of the richest regions in Noway so our problem isn’t financing, it’s creating projects. It is not easy to gather people our organisation has just been founded.


Daniela Koller, Switzerland
Our issue is that we don’t have a real voice, we can write letters and campaign but we don’t have a vote so we can’t be heard.

By: Ana Brasil & Portia Nicholson


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