European Youth Media Days 2013

Print Workshop participants

Orange Team enters Brussels with a team of 13 excelling journalists. During three days the participants will produce yet another edition of the Orange Magazine. Read the final magazine via Issuu or as a PDF file.


The Orange Print Workshop Participants


Tressia Boukhors

Tressia Boukhors, France
I am a 23 year-old French student in political science. I am currently studying European Affairs at la Sorbonne, Paris, with a module on journalism. I am involved in a national youth press association that organizes a national youth festival for students for high school and university, in Paris. (the aim is to write and print a newspaper during a whole night, from 4pm to 7am). 2 years ago, I also did an internship within a news agency at the United Nations, New York.



Tara Cunningham
Tara Cunningham, Ireland
I am an Irish student journalist currently undertaking a Masters in Journalism and Media Communications in Griffith College Dublin.

I studied a B.Commerce in University College Dublin graduating in 2008, and subsequently obtained a first class honours MSc. Finance from the Michael Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin. During my studies in Finance I penned a dissertation entitled ‘An Empirical Investigation into the Existence of Exchange Rate Exposure in Europe’. I worked in the Banking industry, as a Capital Markets Risk Analyst before returning to college to study Journalism. My main interests lie in politics and current affairs.


Aileen Donegan

Aileen Donegan, Ireland
My name is Aileen Donegan. I’m 24, Irish and living in Strasbourg, France. I studied my MA in Journalism and my BA in English and Philosophy. I currently work for the Council of Europe on an online youth campaign combating hate speech on the internet. Very interested in global current affairs and politics. Unfortunately I’ve only been doing journalism in my spare time, which is something I aim to rectify in 2014.



Maria-Christina Doulami
Maria-Christina Doulami, Greece
My name is Maria-Christina Doulami and I am a Greek living in Cyprus. I obtained a BA in
European Studies and Modern Languages and have a Masters in Journalism Studies, having studied both in the UK and Italy. I work as a freelance journalist, writing both in Greek and English, and a Communications Specialist working on projects for the EU institutions and with a focus on European and international current affairs. In the past I have worked for the European Commission Representation in Athens. My passion lies in writing and reading, and I maintain a personal blog in which I also write fiction. I speak six languages, and enjoy learning new languages and travelling.


Sara Gorupec
Biography coming later…



Mateusz Jażdżewski
Mateusz Jażdżewski, Poland
I am a 23 years old Polish journalist and a graduate of double MA degree in Film and Television Studies and Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow. I also spent a semester at Erasmus exchange at Free University Berlin. Completing different stages of my academic path in Poland, UK and Germany made it possible for me to taste different cultures and approaches. Along with my academic path I developed a professional career as a journalist. In the past few years I have been writing for Polish media including Theatrical Journal Teatralia, Gazeta Wyborcza, Biweekly and Shakespeare Festival newspaper Shakespeare Daily. I also co-operated with Edinburgh International Festival official blog where I have been posting my reviews and articles. My main area of interests is the cultural policy and its role in international relations. In my journalistic work I have been always paying a lot of attention to this topic.



EYMD 2013 - print - pekka leiviskä_1
Pekka Leiviskä, Finland
I’m a journalist who is interested in life. How ordinary citizens get cheated or rewarded. How power is distributed and global finance organised. I want to explain and interpret the world. I want to make people feel happy and furious.

I started my journalism studies at the University of Tampere in 2008. First journalistic job I got in 2010. Since then I have worked in two local newspapers for 1,5 years. Mostly I’ve been writing local or domestic news and some features. This fall together with 24 other journalism students we wrote an unauthorised biography of Björn Wahlroos, Chairman of the Board at Nordea. Now I’m seriously starting my freelance journalism career.



Merle Must
Merle Must, Netherlands
I am Merle Must, a journalism Masters student in University of Groningen in the Netherlands. I graduated from University of Tartu, Estonia (Bachelor studies, major: Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics, minor: journalism) last summer. I have worked as an intern and full-time journalist in Estonian Daily Newspaper (last two summers and winter) and in regional newspaper before this. In addition, I wrote for student newspaper in Estonia and freelanced for different outlets during my studies. I am interested in covering topics connected with public health, economics and international relations.


Olimpia Parje

Olimpia Parje, Romania
Originally coming from Bucharest, Romania, I am currently living in Berlin working with online lifestyle magazine Europe & Me practicing transnational journalism. My European spirit has been strongly supported by my involvement in AEGEE-Europe (European Student’s Forum) for more than six years, throughout my student life. Coming from a background of economics and IT, I have a Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Bucharest.


Christoforos Pavlakis_BW

Cristoforos Pavlakis, Greece
Christoforos’ background begins in working in research institutions in knowing the appropriate methodologies. He graduated with a degree in Communication, Computing and Media from National University Athens. As a student there, he assisted in examining several environment related projects from a communications perspective. In 2007, he completed a research visit to the Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Information and Communication Technologies and Society (ICT&S) in Austria. During this period, he was involved in a research team, carrying out research in the field of “Measuring the Impact of Digital life on Environment”.



Elena Roda
I am a journalist now based in Italy. In the last few years I have traveled around the world a lot, enjoying it so much. I have studied media and communication in Milan before moving to Denmark and Germany for my Masters in international journalism. I am now working as a full time journalist for an online magazine specialized in environment and sustainability. Besides drinking coffee like a real Italian (which means quite a lot) I like spending my free time visiting new places, reading books and eating exotic food.



Mihael Topolovec
Mihael Topolovec, Slovenia
I am a regular contributor to Slovenian LGBTQ community journal “Narobe”. I am also a member of editorial board of “Narobe”. In the past I have worked as a writer for cultural redaction of Slovenian student radio “Radio Student”. I have a bachelor degree from Cultural Studies and currently I’m finishing my master thesis from Political Science (field Political Theory) on Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana.



Remco Zwetsloot
Remco Zwetsloot, Netherlands
My name is Remco Zwetsloot and I am a third-year bachelor’s student at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, The Netherlands. Before going to UCR I studied Journalism for two years at Green River Community College (US), where I was Editor in Chief of the college newspaper. Right now I am studying international relations and politics with a minor in history, but I still try to do some journalism in my spare time. I am also currently President of the European Student Think Tank and board member of the Young Atlantics. My hobbies are reading (especially biographies and history in general), chess, running, hiking, cycling, and collecting random historical and scientific facts.



The Orange Print Workshop Facilitators

Orange Team - Bettina Benzinger
Bettina Benzinger, Germany     [email]

My passion: Understanding and explaining complexity. That’s why I decided to pursue a double Masters in international media, journalism and globalization studies. I specialized on social media, societal change processes and rising powers. After having changed the country each six months for the past two years, for my current work engagement I stay in Benin / West Africa where I work in a program on good governance and decentralization. I consult a NGO in a project that aims to enhance municipal development through reinforcing civil society and citizen participation via the means of new media technologies. I worked as a journalist in various countries, mostly for online and print. In my journalistic work I focus on topics of international interest and youth-related topics.



Petri Vanhanen_photo_BIO
Petri Vanhanen, Finland     [email]

I’ve worked as a newspaper photographer the past 10 years (5 years actively). I started my career in 2002 as a writing journalist in a local newspaper. After that I begun my studies in the University of Tampere, Finland.
During my studies I’ve grown more into multimedia, TV and radio work. Photojournalism is still my bread and butter, but I’m aiming more in devising layout, editing video and coding multimedia. Currently I am employed as a full-time photojournalist and videographer in a Finnish regional newspaper.



Print Workshop Speaker


Joachim Weidemann, Head of “dpa Insight EU” at Deutsche Presse Agentur

Joachim Weidemann is head of the EU information service “Insight EU” of the major German press agency dpa. Mr. Weidemann is an experienced journalist in business and European affairs and has worked in several countries in Middle and Eastern Europe. Within others, he worked with the German business magazine “Handelsblatt” and lead the Holtzbrinck School of business journalism. He also founded the news platform


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